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Free Government Grants in and around
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There are over 17,000 government programs that offer grants, loans, free services, and more to help people start a business, go back to school, buy or fix-up a home and much more!
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Own Your Own Home

FREE information on home buying grants, mortgages, government grants, first time home buyer grants and more!


Pay Off Credit Card Debt

There are many federal grants to help you pay off your credit card debt. Best thing, they don't have to be paid back!


Go Back To School

Millions of dollars in federal government grants are available to help pay for tuition and books!


Start A New Business

Get FREE information online to help connect you with government resources for business grants!

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Top 5 Greatest LOCAL Government Programs for you!

So that you can better understand how important these programs can be to you and your family, we put together a few of the best available in your state.

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Why Is This List Important?

The average family is eligible for $20,000 a year in benefits but doesn't know where and how to apply.
Only 12% of government programs go to the poor and 75% government programs have no income requirements at all.
As a taxpayer you are paying for over 17,000 government benefit programs worth over $1.5 trillion per year.
Don't waste time with Google that lists millions of websites on government grants. These websites are selling you something. Our list gives you only those programs that actually hand out the money and services to help solve your problem or achieve your goal.
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